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Party Hire Melbourne

Hire Party Melbourne is a specialist Home Party  and Event hire company who has been providing tables,chairs and event supplies to all of Melbourne and its surrounds for over 15 years. From small back-yard private parties twenty firsts and eighteenths  all the way up to large corporate functions, we pride ourselves on providing the best tailored solution to meet the varied requirements of our many customers. We supply Exhibitions, Corporate, Retail, Weddings,  Private events, and continue as suppliers to iconic Melbourne events such as the Avalon Air Show  and the Melbourne Cup.  We are determined to maintain the highest possible level of customer service and to supply high quality, reliable, well-maintained equipment. Please call or email us and let us take care of all your hire needs for your next upcoming party, function or event.  When planning a party or event, you may forget to consider the many available styles of party equipment available for hire at very reasonable rates. Thid is an important part of the preparation so you can relax and enjoy yourself as well as your visitors.

Party Hire Melbourne

The type of chair, tables, shelter and equipment required can have a huge impact on the décor and overall atmosphere of your party/event, so it is essential that you know your options.

We have a variety of equipment and support to help with options to fit many different styles of events.